Five Card Story: Step 3: Turning Liability into an Asset

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Fear of caterpillars is something that has gripped me my entire life. But my young son demonstrates a fearlessness that he must have received from his mother. As I faced my phobia of caterpillars with my son, I had a "Scrooge" experience as past, present and future events scurried through my mind. I remember when my friends asked me to protest against the government's use of taxes to fund the prime minister's enrollment at Hogwarts . But I was too afraid of being turned into a newt. Would my life have been better if I was not afraid? At camp, my shy demeanor hindered my ability to make friends. I just remember how frightening the older kids looked. I even sat two tables away to avoid chatting. Would I have made a lifelong friend? And now, as my three sisters fade into nothingness as they play rockband all day, their minds becoming mush in bliss... could I not enjoy this brain melt as well without lasting consequences? I was always afraid that I would mess up because they are so gifted. But I am not afraid anymore, this caterpillar has shown me that I can turn my insecurity into an asset as I face my fears and get messy and make mistakes. Ah yes, life is my open road now.

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