Five Card Story: Step 5: Turning complancency into urgency

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It is yet again that crazy time of night when I should have finished my essay hours ago, yet that devil on my shoulder keeps telling me to go on facebook. It is now 5am and my essay is still hidden in a minimized form on my computer. I know I have to do it.. I begin to wonder why I'm spending thousands of dollars at Trinity to do homework I'd rather forget about. Anyways, instead of feeling sorry for myself, I decide to employ one of Dr. Scott's "Practical Steps for Experiencing the Kingdom of God in Our Daily Lives." I decide that the proper step for this particular scenario would be "Step 5: Turning Complacency into Urgency." Seems a bit morbid, but what do I have to lose at this point? I imagine myself on my deathbed, not far off from entering church in my Sunday best, only this time, in a coffin. My dying self rises up, wondering if it will see the gates of heaven, hell... or maybe of some strange place up there reserved for those of us who chose macs over PCs. My dying self rises up, screaming down at me to stop wasting my life in front of my computer. I think back to countless nights spent procrastinating to the point where I'm the only one left in the lower cafeteria. As I "come back to earth," I realize how much of a hindrance my computer is to me enjoying life and experiencing God's beauty in nature. As I think about the beauty of the outdoors, leaves, and trees, I begin counting the trees as I drift off to sleep, completely defeating the purpose of Dr. Scott's step.

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