Five Card Story: Busting Santa's Helpers

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"Gentleman, there won't be any street walking trash in my town this Christmas." Said Sheriff Bearclaw to the police debriefing. "We're busting in to that church with guns blazing, and taking no prisoners!" lietenant Maplebacon followed up. The next day the clock struck 4:39 pm, Christmas eve. Meanwhile at the brothel posing as a Cathedral young women were filling the halls. Officer Bearclaw gave the order to start the raid, stained glass windows exploded with swat bursting through creating a shower of raining glass of all different colors over the Christmas Eve church goers. The only kind of rain Forest Gump didn't see in Nam.

Standing in the aftermath of the raid, Officer Bearclaw slipped into his finest Denim jacket, lit up a ciggarette and turned to his Lieutenant and said "Well Maple looks like we got the last of these Ho ho hoes." Bearclaw piled himself into his silver Dodge Caliber and headed home for nice bottle of scotch on Christmas Eve.

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flickr photo credits: (1) krutscjo (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) Mr_Stein (5) bionicteaching

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