Five Card Story: Justice is Blind: A Criminal Drama for #SoMeXco

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"It all began," said the prisoner, "with a game of cards. Joe was cheating. I knew he was, because I was too. I was better than him. But nobody--NOBODY, you hear--cheats when they're playing with me."

"So what did you do?" I inquired, endeavoring to sound bored.

"I didn't do anything. I just waited. I won, 'cause, like I said, I was better than him. I don't know if he knew I was cheating or not, but I know he knew I knew he was. But he didn't get it, see, he thought it was all about the money, and he paid up fair and square and then got the hell outta there."

"You let him leave?"

"Sure I did. He drove off in that fancy-ass sports car of his--"

"And you followed?" I raised my eyebrows. "I wasn't aware you owned a vehicle."

"I took one of the semis parked in a lot a while down. Not too hard to take those. And then I followed him. He was easy to track, stupid bright red speed demon in stop-and-go traffic--never got out of my sight." He spat on the ground. "Little shit thought he was slumming it, thought he could be tough. I'm not even tough, he just crossed the wrong guy."

"You do realize that an Old West-style gunslinger ethic isn't going to work in modern New Jersey."

"Fuck you." He paused. "I'm not some romanticized image, I tell you."

"Go on."

"So I followed him, and then there was a detour and he had to turn around. Pulled into a gas station lot to ask directions. I pulled in too. And I pulled out my knife." For the first time, he smiled, and I felt a chill run down my spine.

"I watched him go around the far side of the pump, texting or something. He never even saw me coming. He deserved it. Justice is blind."

"So you killed him?"

He looked up at me, stunned. "Shit no. What's the matter with you, man? I slashed his tires. Way more psychologically damaging."

I stood up, flipping my notebook closed. "All right, thank you for your statement. I believe your parents are waiting." I walked down the hallway into my office, where the chief was drinking the last of my coffee. "Next time, ask somebody else to talk to these hipster kids."

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