Five Card Story: beckys party

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Becky had a grandson and it was going to be his birthday. Becky wanted to make it his best birth day ever. Her grandson Toby was the best thing that ever happened to Becky. Becky asked Toby wait he wanted for his birth day. Toby said he wanted to go to the arcade. Becky worked night and day to get the money for the arcade.
Finally Becky had the money to have Toby’s party at the arcade. Toby was so happy he gave Becky a big hug. Becky gave toby 250 coins so toby could have fun and play with his friends at the arcade. Toby had the best party ever he said and gave Becky a bug huge again.
Soon it was time to go so they finished playing at the arcade and started to leave. When the we on the way back to the car there were two cats lying on the hood of the car. The cats didn’t have any tags on them. Becky asked toby if he wanted a cat toby said yes. Toby didn’t just want to take on cat and leave the other. So Becky got him both of the cats but first Becky took the cats to go get there shots.
When they got home toby was playing with his two new cats. He was playing with his dinosaur too. He soon last his blue dinosaur in a flower and toby was very sad he started to cry. Becky was said and said he would take him to a hotel
Toby has always wanted to be in a hotel. He always wanted to look out of a window on the top floor and look at the city of New York. It got late and it was dark and he looked out the window one more time and said goodnight to Becky. Becky said good night back and the both went to bed and toby had the best party in his life soon they were all fast asleep.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) auilix (3) Serenae (4) Serenae (5) bionicteaching

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