Five Card Story: Rod´s Freetime adventures

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Oh little frog, you are so nice! How is it that people kill you or other animals? I have to do something to avoid it! (a 7 yeas old boy said to a frog he found). I´ll keep you with me!
Next day at school, Rod, the 7 years old boy, was thinking of the terrible thing that he had realised and spent all his classes making strange things with his materials.
When he got home, he talked with his mother and they both started to think and to think for hours. Some hours later, mom said that she had an idea! To make vegetarian food each day and to expand this idea to other citites. They prepared with enthusiasm some delicious dishes, such as fritters or pies.
Mom look! Rod exclaimed. There is a competition in our city, and I think that as it is for environmental friendly projects, we may win!
Great honey, mom shouted. Let´s go to sign up, and who knows, maybe we win! She said with a proud face.
Next day at the morning they went and signd up. However, the competition was two days later and they had time to prepare the presentation so as to win the big price, money to concrete the main aim of the project.
During the presentation he was nervous and some of the judges made some complicated questions but luckely, he knew the answer to all of them because he was really prepared for it.
Unfortunately he didn´t won, but the boy who won had a great project also and diserved it.

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flickr photo credits: (1) spacedlawyer (2) Serenae (3) hummingcrow (4) Rachel Smith (5) bionicteaching

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