Five Card Story: TRSOA (Technology Replacment Services of America)

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Winslow, Arizona
Monday 13th May 1993

"Soliders this is the final exercise" commandant Roger yells.

Commandant Roger is the head of TRSOA (technology replacment services of America)they specialise in destroying technology and replacing it with more updated equippment.

Last week, commandant Roger and his team were given the task of destroying the ipod and replacing it with the TTIX a flasher, faster, fancer version of the ipod.

First they tried to destroy it by cooking it in a pan with an egg. That didn't work.

"Commandant what if we tried to eggs" asked a solider named Jock.
"Young Jock, that won't make a difference but i know what we could do" he says pointing to the spa.

The soliders run towards the spa tossing the ipod in the water. It bubbles, then sparks, then sinks.

"A job well done soliders, now lets go and put the TTIX in place and head back to the base" commandant Roger declares.

After they swap the ipod with the TTIX they decide to stop for an ice cream before heading back to the base.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Larry Johnson (2) DavidDMuir (3) hummingcrow (4) cogdogblog (5) krutscjo

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