Five Card Story: Bloody Roses

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I climbed up to the top of the hill, or what others would call a mountain.
"Sarah! Wait up!" Dean souted behind me. Dean and I had hiked so much it was almost second nature to us. Although, he was always slower than me.
"Hurry! The veiw is beautiful from up here!" i shouted back. i looked out and saw the never ending rows of trees stretched out before me. I took a deep breath of the wilderness air, but a strange scent attracted my attention. it was nothing I'd ever smelled. It was a sweet with a tint of--what was it? It was almost like a dusty book smell combined. I looked around to see where it came from. The scent pulled me towards a small shrine.
"How long has that been there?" I wispered to myself. The shrine featured a statue with large outspread wings.Thorns and other weeds encircled the statue. Stroung out around the statue were roses? They were roses, but had such a bright color. They were light red. It was so bright, they roses almost seemed to be glowing.
"How strange." I whispered to myself as I reached for one.
"Sarah! Whatcha' lookin' at?" Dean shouted as he ran toward me. I turned around to see his usual idiotic grin as he walked closer to me.
"I'm looking at this shrine, isn't is pretty?" I asked him as I met him half way, away from the shrine.
"Yeah? What's on it?" He said as he looked down at me amused.
"You have to see it, there's this little angel statue and these maginficent roses around it!" I explained to him.
I lead him closer still looking at his smiling face. He looked at me lovingly, giddly laughing as he followed behind. I stopped in front of the shrine, my focus still on him. His face lost its smile and he looked quizically at the direction of the shrine.
"What is it?" I asked.
"Are you sure there was an angel on it?" He said pulling me closer.
"Yeah, I could have sworn there was." i said looking back at it. But, he was right. it was gone.
'Dean, I think we should--" I froze as I looked at him. He stood still, but his eyes were wide. He spit up something. Something red. Was that blood?
He fell over and toppled to the ground. I rushed over to his body. He was colder than ice.
"You shall not leave the shrine. The roses compell you to stay. You shall never leave" a low voice shouted towards me. I saw who spoke. It was the angel statue. It held a long silver knife adorned with roses. The roses glowed brighter and brighter til' I couldn't see. I felt myself slip away. I fell to the ground, losing all my senses. I awoke in bed. Dean sat by my side, a worried expresion consoled him.
"Hey, how do you feel?"
"What happened?" I asked him.
"You got hit by a bar in the bus and got knocked out so I brought you back tothe hotel." He said, smiling as he handed me a plate with food on it.
"Thanks." i replied as I greedily ate the pancakes.
"Oh, and I got you this," dean said puling a bright red rose from behind his back, " I found it outside near the garden of the hotel. I thought you would like it."
I took the rose from his hands. It was the same bright rose. The glowing rose. I placed the petals near my ear.
"You shall never leave, Sarah," the petals whispered back.
I felt my body drain and the petals grew only brighter. I slowly slipped away, and as a last picture I looked at Dean. It was not dean. It was the angel.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) DavidDMuir (3) Serenae (4) Serenae (5) dwtno

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