Five Card Story: The Lost Cheetah

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One breezy, warm night in Las Vegas, the lights were flashing, the cards were being dealt, and the dice were being rolled. A cheetah appears out of no where! Not that many people notice him, until one nice caring man stopped and picked him up and goes home. The man was very kind and caring about animals. Most of his time is dedicated to adopting animals. A few days later, he realized that he couldn't keep this cheetah. "It's a part of wild life, I can't keep him,". The next day he drove to where the wild life grows well for the cheetah.. Africa. When the man got home, he felt so bad because his cheetah most likely couldn't find his mom and he just a little baby cheetah. That night the kind man went back to Africa to try to get the cheetah back. Lucky for him, he put a locater chip in the cheetah. The man found the cheetah very fast. When the cheetah and the man got home, the man fed him and put the cheetah in a special place inside the man's house to sleep.

A year later the cheetah got too big to sleep in that special spot inside so he moved him outside with the rest on the animals. "Don't worry" the man was careful of where he put ALL the animals. The man sat down one night in his living room and started to watch the news. He heard one of the reporters say that there was a cheetah loose on the road next to his house and he jumped out of his seat and grabbed his house coat and ran outside. Seeing that the MANS cheetah didn't run out on him, the man started laughing so hard. Before the man went in for bed he feed and said good night to all the animals. On the way back to the mans house he said that he'd never forget the time he resqued a cheetah. Before the man went to sleep he thought of names to name the cheetah, he picked bravery because of the crazy things bravery has went throught. The time the man sat back down to the news he was SO exhausted, he fell right asleep and dreamt about saving more animals in the future, hoping that there will be more generations of animal savers just like him!!!:)

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flickr photo credits: (1) Danny Nicholson (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) bionicteaching

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