Five Card Story: Run

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Tyler McClain was a 20 year old freshman in college. He lived in Madill, Oklahoma with a roomate who went to the same college; they shared a quaint three-bedroom 2-bath apartment in the east side of town, only a quarter of a mile from the campus.

Tyler loved to run; he ran whenever he could. He ran not only to get in shape, but to clear his head. Whenever he ran, he could put everything behind him and it was as if he was in another world. He especially loved running in Oklahoma because of all the beautiful scenery.

Tyler's roomate's name is Fin, and Fin is basically a bum. All he does is sit at home,and when he does attend the college, (usually about two or three times a week) he would go to the dorms to see if there were any parties going on. All he did was get drunk, and the smell of cigarettes was always so strong in the apartment that they had the keep the windows open almost all the time.

When he was in middle and high school, Tyler was never really a social butterfly. He had a couple friends, but was never the center of attention. He had always been shy and awkward, but when he ran, he felt like the king of the world. Since he had moved to Oklahoma, he had discovered this little cliff about 5 or 6 miles out in basically the middle of nowhere. You could see the whole town. He would sometimes go here to clear his head, or when Fin would bring people over to party.

Tyler's life was not very interesting, in fact, he was probably one of the most normal people out there. But there was something not so normal about that cliff on the edge of town. He could never put his finger on it, but something about that cliff made Tyler feel like he was important, something he never felt when he was younger.

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