Five Card Story: The Mysterious City

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I love nothing more than urban exploration so when I was given the chance to get on a flight to a mysterious city, I did just that. I can not remember what city it was exactly, but I saw some amazing and unique things that surprised me before I had to fly home.

As I was leaving the small airport, I saw an old blue bumpy door. I really like taking textural photography and found the door to be the perfect subject.

I wandered some more and came upon a garden being guarded by a cement cherub. I found the cherub to be adorable yet strong, keeping close watch over all the plants.

Down the road from the garden, I was surprised to find Hairy Situations, a gay bar frequented by bears and bikers. Looking down on the ground, I saw some gorgeous stones and rocks. Apparently the bears who opened the bar really enjoy decorative paving.

I soon realized it was time to go back to the airport to catch my flight home. I saw the unique fence and knew immediately I needed to photograph it. It was aged and just struck me as unique.

As the plane took off, I realized that I may never again experience the unique beauty of the mysterious city I had ventured into.

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