Five Card Story: The school trip

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One day in my biology class we started to talk about the up coming canoeing trip. The teacher told us we are using the old wooden canoues that the old class of 1997 made, no one like that idea. the teacher stated at the end of the class \\\"We are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning.\\\"
It\\\'s early in the morning, I looked out the window and saw a beautiful blue sky with white puffy clouds,I thought to my self that today is going to be an awsome day!
I make my way down stairs where my little brother is talking to my mom about something he found out side. My mom told him to get ready for school before his friends showed up. Just as she finished talking to him the door bell rang and and his friends we here. My brother gabbed his stuff and ran out of the house out to the bus stop. My mom yelling after him \\\"have a good day!\\\"

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