Five Card Story: The Prodigy

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Once upon a time, there was a little girl who went by the name Anna. She was a darling child, with cute chubby cheeks and straight, striking black hair that she got from her parents.

Her parents were both musicians, and one day when she was younger, they took her to a concert held outside at a park with all their friends and their children. There was light music, food, and games, but poor little Anna did not enjoy any of it. Instead, she constantly cried and made sour faces, sticking close to Mom and Dad.

Years later, her parents decided to try and see if Anna was interested in becoming musicians like they were. They took her to a a wise, old, and famous piano player, who could play the piano so well that he did so with one blind eye.

Anna spent years with this instructor, learning the ways of how to properly play piano and entrance her listeners, until she was old enough to graduate college and start her own piano school for kids. She opened up a little shop below her apartment on the corner of a busy street in New York. Outside, she placed bushes and flowers to make the area inviting, wanting people to know that this would be a relaxing environment.

After a few years of this, when she was 37, she decided to move to a more professional setting and teach at a higher degree of music. She accepted a job at a local college and the students loved her and her teachings and lessons. One of the other professors, Lucas, had his eye on her and began to court her.

It was practically love at first sight, and after three years of dating, the two were married in a chapel. They invited all their friends to join in their merriment, and even her parents were able to attend. To top off the event, Anna had written a song for Lucas and she played it for him, her instructor smiling in the crowd.

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