Five Card Story: What is life?

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One day, there was a magical rainbow. The rainbow filled the sky with it's glory and all the dinosaurs began to rise from the dead. The rainbow disapeared and it started to rain incredibly hard. It rained and rained for a very long time and flooded the world. It looked as if it was just an ocean. When the water receeded there were very few people that had survived. They had managed to live on a boat this whole time. The dinosaurs had adapted to living both underwater and on land. They were able to survive. Then the dinosaurs who had also became smarter started to use the humans as slaves. They made them do all their work and clean their houses. Then the new ice age began. It killed everyone and everything that was alive and the world was empty. After years of the earth being alone, which was actually a living organism, it gave up trying to live and let its self die. There was now the universe. The universe morned the loss of the earth while mars cried.

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