Five Card Story: A Day on the Water

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We walked hand-in-hand down the weathered planking of the wharf to where the skiff was chained to a piling. After pulling a few traps we rowed across to the abandoned trading post for our farewell picnic. There wasn\'t enough money for him to come to Calgary with me and I couldn\'t afford to turn down the job at the antique shop - especially when my uncle had sent me the ticket.
\"Hey,look! the flash picked up something shiny under the corner behind us in this picture\"
\"Probably just a piece of broken glass\"
\"No, it\'s different, not flat shiny\"

Is it the MacGuffin that will save us from separation?
Is a memento from a nearly-forgotten romance still stored away in a dark trunk?

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flickr photo credits: (1) penbentley (2) cogdogblog (3) penbentley (4) mrsdkrebs (5) penbentley

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