Five Card Story: The kidnapping of Emma

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It had been four long years since I had seen my daughter. Four years, though through the lies of my ex-wife I hadn't been able to hold her. I have no idea how I got this idea but four days ago I decided I was going to kidnap her. It is crazy and ludacris, I do realize this fact. Back to the present I have been running from my Ex\'s home for about half an hour. My daughter, Emma, and I had reached a forest trail which as a teen I had loved to run it led to a field on the otherwise of which I had hidden my car. I had finally reached my car and started my engine... At this point Emma had fallen fast asleep. I took this opportunity to clear my mind. What had I done... Where would I go. Questions raced through my mind. I couldn\'t go home or anywhere in town. I phoned my brother Rick, I explained to him my predicament. After Ricks hour long lecture on stupid desicions he agreed to let me stay with him. Rick was always the favourite child, a fact he always resented, so when he grew up and had his first child he moved out of our home province and out to Alberta. His child was about half Emma\'s age but they could still play. With a somewhat clear mind and a guilty conscience, I departed for Red deer Alberta unaware of any of the future which lay ahead of me.

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