Five Card Story: The Adventure of Angel

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​Hey there my name is Angel, and I\'m going to tell you of a very long but great adventure. But first i mu st introduce you to my owner, you see there that\'s Stan, he\'s been my owner for as long as I can remember. Now back to the story, it was many years ago when I decided I wanted to go find the people that saved my parents from a very scary dog, like the small little cute kittens may not seem like the kind of kitten that would hurt a dog like they did(son ever underestimate us because we can do a lot more than you think). I can still remember the first night when I couldn\'t find a place to stay the night so I decided that I would sneak into a house just for the night, but no the moment I \"sneaked\" into the house the house alarm went off and everyone came and gathered around the window I came in and tried to get rid of me with a broom, can you believe it a broom. But you that movie Shrek, well I thought I could get away with the Puss in Boots thing and gave them the face. It was just like they all melted in my hands and they let me stay in the house as long as I was quite. so that night I stayed at there house and in the middle of the night people just came flooding in, and then there was loud music, oh the loud music, it was pain my little ears could not handle that much loudness. And all the food, the food that could have burned my tummy because it was so hot,my poor tummy. Soon after people started leaving I sneaked out the door in the crowd of people and started my adventure again and I was off to find my parents heroes, my heroes. after 3 MORE days of hunger thirst and sweat, I found them, and I guess your wondering how I knew it was them...well I guess I sorta remember them saving my parents. My plan was to walk straight up to them and thank them and ask them to join me for some Temptations cat treats but then stopped in my tracks and thought \"what if they don\'t remember me\". It took me 6 tries to go talk to them until they asked \"hey aren\'t you the cat with the parents and the scary dog\" and right then I couldn\'t believe that they remember me. Now they are my parents they brought me into their family. We live on the beach and every night there is a beautiful sunset every night. Boy am I greatful for that day!
I hoped you liked my story!

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