Five Card Story: Finding the Magical Item

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One secret item and five treasure hunters. With that said you that this will be a good story! It started with the meeting of the five wizards. Each wizard had there own speciallity. One could fly the other run fast one could teleport where he has been before one could use magic in simple ways (pick locks, read minds etc.) and one was capable of nothing but looking into a seeing stone. Each seeked the magical item. The race began with them all heading in seperate directions. The flying one took flight, running one ran,the one with simple magic picked a mans car and took off the one that could teleport teleported as near as he could get and went on foot and last the normal wizard just watched. The flying wizard landed to eat and saw a blazing fire place. As he stared he got more mezmerized. That wizard was lost in a state of nothingness, except darkness. The running man took a deathly fall when he mistook the directions of a sign, sending him off a 100 foot cliff. As the man with the simple magic got out of his car, he was ambushed in an ally and pricked with some needle. He ran off and a little later he got disoriented as he looked at the dotted and fell dead, poisoned. The seeing stone wizard saw all of the incidents and took the time to pick his way through traps. When he reached his destination, a statue, he just teleported back home for the statue combined all of those wizard\'s powers.

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