Five Card Story: Unpredictable holidays

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Miranda was a young woman living and working in a big city. Her life was fast and intesive, she was never idle or bored. She was used to her life which revolved around a circle of acquaintances, collegues from work and her family.

Despite of it, she wished she rested and slowed down the pace of life. This year was exceptionally difficult for her. She changed her job and her little Charlie has been ill for a long time. Fortunately, at the beginning of summer he recovered from the disease. Although, their doctor’s diagnosis was clear: either the boy rest, or he might have more health problems. Miranda decided to go on holiday to the country.

\'My dear, I am so surprised. Of course, you must come to visit me. I can\'t wait to see you all\', responded the voice in the receiver. The aunt Barbara was as good-natured and warm as always. She also added that they would be delighted with the tranquility of the village. The only problem was that her husband, Peter, couldn\'t take a leave. Eventually, he made an arrangement with his boss and promised to work at home while he would be on holiday at aunt\'s.

It was one of the happiest moments in Miranda\'s life. The whole family together, spending time in a place from a dream. It was beyond her imagination. Charlie, used to a life in a big city, was so curious about domestic animals and garden plants. They spent time together taking long walks, helping aunt Barbara in her daily activities, or just relaxing in the garden.
In the mornings, Peter worked on his computer. In the afternoons, they all would go to the forest that was situated nearby. One of the things tha Charlie liked the most, was the taste of fresh raspberries.
Miranda was glad when her son recovered. He was feeling better day after day. She was feeling better in these days, too. Their holiday in the country passed very fast. Aunt Barbara invited them to come next summer too.

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