Five Card Story: The Lone Rose and the Drinking Glass

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My uncle Jackie sure loved to collect things, \'things\' like beer bottle caps from the 1970s, old playing cards (particularly aces), and perhaps a fruit label off a banana here and there. Oh, yes, and money. He just LOVED money! This can explain why none of the women wanted to marry him. Well, he had a nice personality and everything, it was just when they came to his house that they turned to flee. But one night, my Uncle Jackie and I had a conversation.
\"Veronica,\" he told me, \"a woman named Margaret has asked me out. You are coming, too, as your mother won\'t be home and asked me to take care of you. Now, I didn\'t want to inconvenience her, so I said yes and didn\'t mention Margaret. Just you be a good girl and don\'t drink any martini, okay?\"
\"Oh, Uncle Jackie,...\" I started.

Uncle came back with an old goblet that the waiter let him have; (she said they\'d been meaning to get rid of it for years! That just goes to show you what an old-fashioned weirdie my uncle is, but I love him anyway,) and a single rose. \"That Margaret sure is a spendthrift, isn\'t she?\" I asked him once or twice upon seeing the one rose, but Uncle seemed happy with it, so I let him be. It WAS rather pretty. It was a lovely pale-whitey pink, drops of dew building on the delicate, bright-green stem and bright pink petals, all wrapped in one of those baggies you get for your flowers at supermarkets. He drove me home and was gone. Really, I should have tried much, much harder when I tried to convince my uncle to try out for that ridiculous \'Becoming the Next Hudini\' they have at our local museum.

Next weekend, my uncle was staying in a Colonial 1st class hotel room in the Bahamas--and I was coming with him! All my few friends were jealous, and I figured, if it were Eileen going with HER uncle, then, well, so would I be. Until I found out that Margaret was coming with us.

I mean, she isn\'t an AWFUL woman or anything like that, but...

Next day after that, we were all settled in our room. I found a leaf outside on the front lawn, and asked Uncle if I could keep it. Of course, he agreed. What both he and I didn\'t know was this: the leaf was cursed. Yes, just that... cursed! It bound whoever had found it first in that place forever, and the others that were there with that person to forget that the finder had even existed in the first place. I suppose it gets lonely here from time to time, but... Who\'s the collector now? I want to say to Uncle if I could. But I can\'t, because of two reasons: I\'m stuck here forever and he\'s forgotten me anyway, even if I COULD get out.
Maybe not the most pleasant way to find out you\'re truly a collector at heart, but Florida\'s my home now.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) lesliemb (3) Serenae (4) whistlepunch (5) hummingcrow

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