Five Card Story: Family

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It is 2:20 pm at Cheverus, I'm walking in the hall way, go to my purple locker and get my coat. It is time to go home and have dinner. I feel hungry. When I get home, mom is making food for us. After taking a shower, I go downstairs. At dinner, I have three egg rolls, a bowl of fried rice, a coke and fresh vegetable. After I wash dishes, we watch TV together. "Bing Bong". The bell rings. Wow, my uncle and my aunt come to visit us. They are both about 45 years old. My uncle has hair around his face, and he is wearing a black shirt. My aunt has long curly brown hair, she is wearing red glasses and black T-shirt too. They plan to stay here for a couple days. On the next day, we rent a boat and enjoy on the sea for a whole day. It was a nice day with the beautiful view of the city which has many building in a forest background. In the afternoon, when the sun go home and fall to sleep behind the mountain, we know it's late. It’s time to go home, and dinner’s ready for us. It is a memorable day to my family.

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