Five Card Story: The kidnapping

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I sighed as the telephone shrieked into what was once silent air. I ran, tripping over various things, cursing all the way. I picked up the old black telephone, why did I even own this? \"Hello\" I panted into the phone. I really needed to work out. I don\'t care if I\'m slim, it only matters if you have muscle which I was lacking. I waited for an answer but only silence met my ears. I slammed the phone down in frustration! Why did the telephone ring when I was farthest away from it? It always seemed like something unimportant when I answered anyways. I walked away in exasperation. It was almost time to head to work, so I slipped on a jacket and headed out. I could already tell this was going to be a long day. Walking to work could be hassle, but it was worth the minimal exercise in the end. Suddenly I heard a car pull up behind me, its tires screeching across the pavement and the smell of burnt tires reached my nose. I turned around only to find a cloth that smelled funny being pressed against my mouth...
My head hurt. Why did it hurt? Where was I? That\'s a stupid question, I thought to myself. I was obviously in a car, and I was being thrown around by its sharp and fast turns. \"Hello?\" I called out into the stale air. There was no answer, the car didn\'t even pause. I tried to get up but now I was falling back on the floor. Wait a second, was I being kidnapped? I could tell I was in the back of a van, and fear slowly started penetrate my guarded senses. Now I was up, and banging on the walls. \"Help,\" I screamed as loud as I could, \"Help me!\"
Slowly my voice started to wear out, and I fell on the floor giving up my hopeless attempts. Then the car stopped. I crawled to the darkest corner, trying to make myself invisible. The back doors slammed open, and now hands were grabbing my arms and dragging me out of my hiding place. \"Please,\" I pleaded, not sure what for. When my eyes adjusted to the bright sun, I saw a grand building before me. It looked as if it were made out of ivory. I couldn\'t help but let a little gasp of awe escape my open mouth. Now I was in this majestic structure, and there was no one in here. The main floor was massive, and was tugged in the direction of the dining area. There was a man sitting at the table, with a furrowed brow glaring at the newspaper he was reading. He looked up and a pleasant smile lit up his face as he saw me being dragged over to the small table. \"Hello Marissa! I\'m glad you could join me this evening, we have a lot to discuss.\" He said in a jovial voice. \"I don\'t know you,\" I stammered awkwardly. \"No,\" He replied, \"but you will soon enough. Let her go\" He commanded the guards. I fell in a flop on the chair in front of me. \"Please,\" He said, \" Drink some water you look parched.\" I picked up the glass with a shaky hand and took a small sip. I looked up and the air rushed out of me. The roof was filled with awe-striking beauty that looked like it belonged in a church. \"I see the decor pleases you.\" He said. I nodded slightly. \"Well,\" He said getting a business voice on, \"You\'re probably wondering what you\'re doing here.\" I just gave him the blankest look I could manage. \"You may not remember me,\" He said in a calm voice, \"but we used to know each other very good when you were little. I have been watching your progress through the years and I think now is the time...\" He trailed off. \"For what?\" I was getting really creeped out now. \"For your training,\" He replied. Now the guards were back by my side, guiding me to the next room. I gasped at all the people training in the largest room I had ever seen. \"Here is your instructor,\" My new boss said introducing me to a very fit person. As my boss left, I cried out, \"Wait! What\'s your name?\" He stopped, and without turing around he said, \"Ryan,\" He said, \"Ryan Werth.\" Then he was gone. \"Come back!\" I cried, \"Dad! Wait!\"

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