Five Card Story: Amimals can do kung fu

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In the town of Puffdo, there was a lab puppy called Bob.

Bob lived next to, 2 cats named Cuckoo and Jimmy, Cuckoo and Jimmy where brother and sister. Bob loved to do Kung Fu,and when he practice Cuckoo and Jimmy would jump over the fence and join in.

Cuckoo loved kung fu, she was alwas trying to fight with Jimmy but he hated kung fu, but he never told his sister Cuckoo because she was younger and he didn't want to hurt her fealings.

Across the streat lived Wren, Wren was very sad because she was a homeless puppy. Wren would watch Bob, Jimmy and Cuckoo do kung fu. One day she dicided that she would go over to Bob and ask him if she could join in. Bob said that she could.

Bob, Jimmy, Cuckoo and Wren became the best of friends and they dicided that they would compete in the kung fu torament. They took the long rode because they where going to stop and have lunch on the way. After lunch they came to a cross rode but because of the wind last night to sings had changed.

They all got lost and Wren started crying, Jimmy put his arm around Wren and told her that it would be ok.

They all made it out of the woods and made it to the dojo in time.

Jimmy told Cuckoo that he did not want to do kung fu, Cuckoo was not mad at him.

In the end they all won there matches. They where all so happy!

The end.

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