Five Card Story: Embracing what comes

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It was a beautiful day when it all happend.I was sitting at the side of hill. My little sister and her friends were singing ring around the roses. Suddenly the sky got dark everywhere. I looked at the mountain top is dark as well. As i grabbed my little sister and her friends than we saw a glowing light than a daffodils came out. When the daffodils came out time stopped and everything got frozen except for me. I didn\\\'t know what to do i started crying than they all turned to dust in my arm. I started running everywhere to see if there were people that have not turned to dust. I couldn’t find any one so i started walking down the forest than i came upon a pond. At the pond i saw a wet dog the dog was drying itself. When the dog gazed upon me i stated running. The dog chased me and it was telling me to stop running and listen to what he was going to tell me. As i was running decided to stop and listen to the dog. The dog told me in order to bring every one back i had to go to the ocean and find the golden rings and bring them back to him. I told the dog that i didn\\\'t have a way to get to the ocean but he told me that he got it all covered. I didn’t know what he meant by that but i just when along with it. When i looked to my right i saw a flying horse. The horse was white and black. The horse’s wings were as beautiful as a shining light. I could not believe what i was seeing but that the dog told me to get on the horse and get to the ocean quickly. As we were heading to the ocean we had to fight some evil flying dogs that were trying to prevent us from getting to the ocean. When I saw the evil dogs I was so scared but then the horses handed me a sword. By that time I know that I had to kill the evil dogs in order to get to the ocean so I decide to kill them. I killed all of the evil dogs when I was done killing them we headed for the ocean to get the golden ring. I got on the horse that we went to the ocean to get the golden ring. I got off the horse jumped in to the water. As i was looking for the ring in the water i saw something shining like the sun. I went there and saw the ring. I took the ring and i got out of the ocean as fast as I could. When i got out i got on the horse and went back to the dog. I gave the dog the golden ring and the dog started to disappear. By the time the dog was gone time was running again and my sister and her friend were appearing. I ran to my sister and hugged her. I took my sister, her friends back home and when I was done doing that I went to the town to see if everyone was back. Do to my surprise all the people were back and they were acting as if nothing had happened. I felt so happy that everything was back to normally but I wonder why did the dog tell me to get that golden ring and who were those evil dos that i fought and kill. I guess those questions will never be answered but i will embrace all that has happend and never let it go.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) Serenae (5) cogdogblog

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