Five Card Story: Meeting with the modern indians

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One day I went out walking with my little dog. I didn't want to go through the park, as I used to do. So, I decided to explore new routes. I went into a forest and I walked for a long time. At one moment, I realized I was completely lost. I don't know how to come back, so I decided to go on, expecting to arrive somewhere. I was worried because it was getting dark. I saw a lamp in the middle of the forest and I got calm. I thought there were people near there. However, I didn't meet anybody. My dog and I had to sleep in the forest, but I wondered about the isolated lamp.

The next day, when I was walking, I saw a truck. It was so curious beacuse it had a transfer with the inscription "Official Indian Truck". Near the truck, I met it's owner, an old man with sunglasses who wore like a native American. At the beggining, I felt uncomfortable with the presence of that crazy man but when I talked to him, I realized he was a nice person. He took me to a small village where I met the rest of the "Modern Indians" (the way they called themselves). They were modern people with a kind of nostalgia for the native form of life. It seemed so strange to me, but I listened to their stories and tried to learn something about them. I understood later that the abandoned lamp in the forest was like a sacred totem for them.

The Modern Indians were the ones who showed me the way back home. The only thing I can say for sure is that I'm not the same anymore...

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