Five Card Story: Going to my grand parents house

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One day, my parents decided to take my brother and I to our grandparents sheep farm for the weekend. When we got there we greeted our grandparents and headed to our rooms to unpack. When we were all done unpacking our grandparents offered to take us out to see the sheep. We petted and played with them for an hour or so they were so soft!
Afterwards it was lunch so we decided to go have a picnic on big beautiful hill in a meadow. We had sandwiches, giant juicy raspberries, and big blackberries it was so amazing! We sat there for a while basking in the sunlight beaming down upon the hill.
After a while we decided to go and play around in the meadow and the surrounding forest. There was a great and beautiful river with giant yellow flowers growing beside it. The scent of them was delicious so sweet and nice. We picked a few flowers to bring back to our grandparents who decided to go home after we visited the sheep.
We walked back towards our grandparent’s mansion; it is a great beautiful house with a pathway of bricks leading up the giant marble pillars supporting the roof and the giant French doors that opened into the warm and welcoming home. We gave our grandparents the flowers, they loved them! We hung around the house for the rest of the day eating food that our grandparents made.
After supper we washed up and decided to do a great puzzle as a family. It was a picture of the flowers and it had hundreds of pieces! It took a long time but eventually we finished as a family. After the puzzle we all went to bed to awake to another day of rest and relaxation!

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