Five Card Story: To the telephone

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I was on my way to a vacation to Brazil for the big carnival in Brazil, until the plain I was in started to make noise. When I woke up I was bleeding on my head. I was out of my mind that I wasn't even noticing that I was waking in a middle of a rain forest. Only thing that was in my mind that didn't leave was to look for a telephone to call.
While I was walking I another thought came in to my mind, I was hungry. I stared to look for foods I can find then suddenly I found a delicious looking mushroom. When I first saw the mushroom I gave a few blow and put it right in to my mouth. I was so hungry that it went right though my throat. After I made my self full I kept waking until I almost die. I was look right down to a cliff and just hanging on something. I was so dizzy and then I realized something that I learned from Biology that the mushroom I ate was poisonous and that makes anyone loss there mind completely.
When I woke back up every thing made sense, I was on a cable car. After I kept thinking too much it gave me a stroke to my head. Then when there was a crashing sound i woke up and stepped out of the cable car. When I opened my eyes I saw a telephone. I now notice the whole thing that I moved from Brazil to Ecuador then to Argentina just for the telephone that I used when I was a little baby to call my mother.

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