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the man was named mike. he was a magician that worked part time. he traveled the world seeking fame and fortune. when one day he found him self in a park wasted. he decided to pee in a fountain. the fountain was a magic fountain that granted wishes. While he was peeing he was making a wish. he wished that he was posessed with real magic. So he got his wish. Then they next day and he woke up and got his wish. he was praticing magic so well that it seemed unreal. he was picking things up with his mind, moving objects with his mind, and even spawning stuff with his mind.
the day of his next magic show he went on stage and started to do his magic that he recently got. the crowd was amazed. then one of the audience members came up to mike and ofered him a job at a popular magic club. Mike quickly accepted the offer and couldn't wait to be there.
a few days went by and it's Mike day to show his magic to the world at the club. he shows up and puts on his show that was secretly televised. At the end of the show people cheered the words "Magic Mike" as Mike left the stage and was proud of his name. he used that name to every magic show he went to and Mike lived a very successful life performing magic getting a lot of money each show. he was living his dream and got what he wished for.

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flickr photo credits: (1) katerha (2) bgblogging (3) hummingcrow (4) Intrepidteacher (5) keepps

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