Five Card Story: Floral Surprise

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October 18, 2013
Adam's Journal #9

We planned a day trip to the flower museum in the big city. Before leaving home on our long drive from the farm, we stopped to grab some Tim's to keep us company on the road. Coffee for Mum and Dad, and hot chocolate for Suzie and me.
The flowers were beautiful. Even though we live on a farm, there is nothing quite like seeing such a variety of flowers. The only flowers we get to see is the ones Mum plants in the garden, and we mostly see the same ones every year.
We loved seeing how the flowers reacted differently to the sun (or, in this case, the artificial light). Some flowers opened to the sun, desperately soaking up its rays. Others would shy away from the sun, looking for cool and calm away from its brilliance.
We entered a room that had a huge pond in it, with a walking path around it. We thought it was such a waste of space, having this body of water instead of the beautiful flowers. Were we ever wrong! There are flowers on the water! They were special, and very different from the other flowers we saw.
It was a super fun day and I hope we get to go there again soon! Maybe my teacher will take our class!

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