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You're the author of your own story.

Look around the world. How many of you guys notice that everyone has a story untold? That's right, probably none. We all are to busy with our own to bother. So here's the pep talk, or shall I say story, that will hopefully change your aspect on life.

The world moves too fast. Why are people so obsessed with moving on with their stories? It's like as if I am the only one walking through the darkest tunnels trying to figure out what was with people who are so self obsessed. I am trying to find myself through these tunnels, but as life goes on, and the impacts left of the people around me, it has almost been impossible. I mean, why are people so rushed to get through life, it's not like we're racing each other to see who ends their life first right?

Look around, people have stopped smiling. It takes only 17 muscles to smile and 42 muscles to frown. Unless those "frowners" want to work out their mouth muscles, there's actually no point. I mean seriously, it makes no sense.It's like I'm the only one in the world who doesn't really care about working out my mouth muscles. Seriously, what's the point?

People also need to start to gain the confidence to stand up for what they believe in. Even if it takes the courage to put on a fake mustache to gain attention since like everyone knows mustaches are what gain people's attention. Like you know, Theodore Roosevelt, James Garfield, even Adolf Hitler (He wasn't good, but he did gain attention). If you want attention, put on a mustache, and change the world. It's not that hard. Say what you want to say. That's right, mustaches are awesome.

People try too hard. They work too hard. Its as if they want to crush themselves with all the pressure they can so that they can be successful. Is it that hard to take off your hat and glasses and start to look at the simplier things in life? I know its your job, but seriously, no hats, it puts weight on your head, and everyone knows that our head has enough stuff to deal with already.

The world's not a scary place, don't run away from it. The world's a place of freedom, a place of dancing in the sun and exploring. Stop running away and hiding and learn ow to dance in the rain. If you can't dance, then learn how to sing in the rain. You know, like that song "Singing in the Rain". Even if you can't sing, you can draw, or do anything you like on Earth, cause that's your home. Don't treat it as a hole, but as a home. Somewhere you belong. Learn that even though you are going through a rough time, there's always a path for you, a path somewhere in your life.

So remember, you can be anything you want to be. Notice the people around you and notice your surroundings. You have a story, and so do others. Treat others the way you would want your story to be like. Make a difference. That's right, put on a mustache and make a difference. Stop working out your mouth muscles, they dont need to be any stronger. Put that hat off. Find your path. And remember, the Earth is not a scary place. It's your story, and you are the author. So write your story, and make sure your story, is a story to be remembered.

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