Five Card Story: Seasons

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a Five Card Flickr story by Katie Choy created Sep 11 2013, 09:29:37 pm. Create a new one!

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My name is Katelyn Choy and i really enjoy the season of fall. The colourful leaves fall from big trees up the block. The cold and chilly days before school. And thangsgiving dinners. When the season of fall comes around, we all prepare for that holiday called halloween. That full moon comes out and the children in costumes start trick-or-treating. The nights begin to get darker and darker as summer fades away and fall begins. The best part of fall is when the pumpkins are in season, and going pumpkin picking on a farm with your family and friends to celebrate the holiday.

This year when summer came along, I wanted to make a change in my diet, and maybe start eating healthier and working out. I created workouts and made sure that I got them done on time, then ate healthy snacks and meals. I realized h9w big of a change that would have to be in my life if I wanted to make healthy eating a habit from now on. So I started right away for a few weeks, then eventually started slowing down and also slacking off. I saw myself jump right back to junk food and the normal routine i would do before I wanted to change my diet. Even though I don't look unhealthy, eventually all of the junk food will catch up to me one day. I was disappointed at myself because I tend to give up easily, and once I give up.. I never try again. Overall it was tough trying to get back on track with the "eating healthier" stage. I'd like to try and get back, and I know that its better to start now then later.

It is now September, school has now started and my birthday is in 2 days. I am turning 15 this year and I am so excited. the second week of September is always the busiest every year. Because my Dad's birthday is on the 12th, I am on the 13th, and my grandpa's is on the 14th. Next year I am turning sixteen, my sweet sixteen it is so exciting.

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