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Im Kailin, and tomorrow I am going to one of my favorite places in the world!Harrison I have been going there since i was a little girl and it has always been my favorite place!!! I used to own a trailer there in the park but unfortunately sold it, and bought a house near the beach. I was glad to be able to go there and have a place to stay. Well I bettet get my sleep got to get the Harrison tomorrow!!

I got up early in the morning and smiled as I saw the sunlight coming in my room. My mom said last night that we had to get up early so we can get on the road! I was really excited. I got up and walked downstairs to get some breakfast, said hi to my mom and went upstairs to get dressed. I got dressed,packed my stuff and would soon be ready to go! I loaded the bags into my truck and we were ready to leave. It was me,my mom,and my sister. My dad usually comes up for the night with my brother and leaves next day to go home. We left my house and I was super excited to leave! It was a great fall day to drive from my home to Harrison, there was very beatiful scenerey of mountains,clear blue skies, and farm houses along the way. It didnt take very long to get there,about and hour and a half. We drove pass my old trailer and a cloud of memories came to my mind. I grew up there, being there since the age of about 6. Over the years,I made lots of friends and came close to them. It was hard leaving that place but i can always go back, it wasn't too far.

We finally arrived at my harrison home. It was good to be back, I loved getting out my truck and breathing in the fresh air and seeing the mountains. I unloaded the bags and got settled in. My family and I relaxed for the day and decided to go for a walk after dinner. We had our dinner, and left for the walk. As we passed my neighbors house they were outside and I waved, they were very friendly and my family was thankful to have them as neighbors. We walked to a park and crossed a small bridge and saw the river underneath, and I saw a little toad. It was rare to see them. I looked around at the trees and the trees have all turned brown, and orange. We walked back home and relaxed until bed time. It was a nice day.

The next morning was clear once again, a few clouds and the sun was also out. I said good monring to my mom and my sister and ate breakfast. The whole day we relaxed and went for another walk after dinner, this time when I crossed the bridge I saw a duck swimming along the river. We had spent two days here and unfortunately had to go home the next day. The next morning there were more clouds and it was colder than yesterday. We decided to leave early, so I packed the bags into the truck and we were ready to go. We drove on the highway, stared out my window and looked at the mountains, and the clouds. It was a cloudy day. I was a little sad that we were leaving but I can always come back.

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