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hi, im jordan thompson and i love to travel the world and see new places that this beauitful world has to ofer. i went to ireland, and i loved it! it was like heaven on earth. so much green land it reminds me of freedom, but its not what the country use to be. going though the older parts of the town i see the heart break and sadness ireland bought to me. looking around ireland went though so much love, war,and loss. just like me. though my life i have learn alot from my family, but somethings i had to learn for myself. like how to love people, fogive, and let go. i needed to learn these feelings for myself. in a way ireland reminds my of my life... open, plain, though alot. the land was beautiful, but i wantted a change. we went to the beach. it was mesmerizing. feeling the strong breeze from the coutry side coming though my hair and the waves coming in and hitting the sand and running up to my feet and tickeling my teos. i felt like i didnt have a worry.

this summer i went to lodon,england. i loved the change of seen. it was a very busy city. alot was happening. the city reminded me of my life in the mornings with my family. lodon was filled with alot of history, which means it has a big past. we all have a past, whether we want to forget about it; it will always be there. with out our pass we wouldnt have a furture. in lodon we went to the market, I enjoyed that so much the smell of fresh foods and looking at all the people, it gave me such a enjoyable experience.

the next place I journeyed to was barcelona, spain. by far was one of the most beautiful places I've been. all the famous people and great history that came from there was unbelievable. it was always sunny everyday there was like one of the best days in your everyday life, this is why I loved spain so much. the beach there took my breath away. the waves coming in was like nothing I've seen before, and I loved it. one of my favorite thing there was going into this field of flowers, it was like something out of a movie. the sun hitting such beauty was beautiful I just wanted to stay there forever, seeing one of gods wonders and something so simple gave me hope.

every winter I go to big white ski resort. I love the snow, and being with my family. its a place where I love to get away. seeing the sun hit the snow and the chill on your face as is ski down one of god creations is so enjoyable its hard to believe that you are even there. when I'm skiing I feel like I'm totally in control, like I should feel when I'm living my everyday life. when I get to the top of a run looking out i think where have i been all my life.

paris,france the city of love they call it. because that what i did when i saw it. the city just had something about it about it that made me fall in love with it. the city always had something going on, people rushing from place to place. my favorite place was going to the top of the arc de triomphe. it just had something about it the made me believe that you could do anything and, you can achieve it. looking out on the top of it starring at the sun set, made me feel like i was the only person in the whole world and had all the time to do whatever i wanted to do in life. you only live once but if you do it right once is enough.

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