Five Card Story: Colorless

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There is no imperfection in our society. Our society is kind, our society is fair, and our society is unified.

It all started when I fell and bumped my head on the dark pavement of road when I was riding my bicycle through our neighborhood. The flicker of light that reflected off of my bicycle distracted me, causing me to steer out of control. I was dazed and confused for a few seconds, lying on the ground, looking at the trees over head. My fellow neighbors immediately rushed to me once they saw the incident happen, asked me if I was all right and if I needed to go to the hospital. I saw the watchers out of the corner of my eye. I quickly brushed off the concern by saying I was fine, and thanked them for helping me up. I picked up my bicycle and limped the way back home. Hopefully the watchers didn't see me. When I got home, it went back to our usual routine. I limped into our living room; fortunately my mother and father were taking out our tin foiled dinner that the Community Volunteers gives to us every day, so they didn't notice. My little brother walked in the room while staring out at the window. But then he saw me and he returned his gaze to me, asked me how was my day, I quickly sat down at our dining table, and I responded as I did everyday “fine, how was yours?" "Good" he replied, and sat down next to me like he did daily. I looked at my younger sibling, he was different from us; he sometimes makes up things that are outrageous and he doesn't even know how to explain them, he also gives me the feeling he doesn't see things like we do, like he see's beyond what we see. My parents and I care to keep it a secret, for if they knew, my parents will be disgraced and regarded lowly then of their actual value, to have such an outcast. Our parents returned with the tin foiled packages and we did our thanks for everything we were privileged to have, and we recited our society's chant " There is no imperfection in our society. Our society is kind, our society is fair, and our society is unified." We finished our dinner and talked about our day, I left out the part of falling off my bicycle. Then I went to bed and slept.

The following day I woke with a massive headache. Everything was blurred and my head was throbbing, but I still didn't care to tell anyone, nor go to the hospital. Else I would have to explain why I ended up with the headache, which I would likely then get cited for being irresponsible, and easily distracted which is a shameful act. That day was dreadful, I couldn't concentrate on anything, I refrained from thinking nor talking because it would hurt my head, I could feel the pulsing of my brain. I went home, we ate the same thing we did yesterday night, the Community Volunteers said that the food they provide us with is everything we need to keep strong and healthy but not over weight. We said our thanks and recited our society's chant, but this time I opened my eyes because I heard a mumble that wasn't a part of the chant and saw that my brother didn't close his eyes nor say the chant. I was shocked, this was a violation of the Laws of Society. He saw, and I mouthed "What's wrong?", but he chose to ignore me. When the chant ended we ate our diners, talked about our day and went to sleep. On the third day, I woke to the wailing of my little brother: "It is true! There's something weird on the wall that you can't see! Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there!" " Jackson, stop this instant. You don't want the Watchers nor our neighbors to hear this. It will discredit the whole family if this inappropriate behavior were to be noticed." echoed our mother's voice through the floor. I put on my attire, and for an instant, I saw something change, I stared hard down at my sleeve, but disregarded it, and thought "foolish me, how is it possible that something could have changed? "And headed to where the voices where coming from. Turns out my brother was going on again about his silly delusions of things that are nonexistent. After he ceased, we ate breakfast and headed out to our learning facility, and headed separate ways to the class were had to attend. I'm part of the 16th group, while my younger brother is part of the 12th group. The groups are separated by the time we were born in, and since I was borne 4 groups earlier than my brother, he's in the 12th and I'm in the 16th. The groups are essential to the learning facility because they separate us by our birth groups. My head stopped throbbing that day so I could work on the questions our mentor gave to us, and listen to the teachings that he had.

Everything was back to normal for a long while, but then one day, when we were headed out to school, something flashed on the wall, something that wasn't supposed to be there, and it held onto the wall long enough for me to have a good look at it; It was so strange, and foreign to me, something that wasn't supposed to appear, but it was bright and it looked glorious, like a splash of outlandish to our daily lives. The thing disappeared again, but I was sure that this time I actually saw it. From then on those things appeared more and more frequently, I would see them on the bushes as I walked home, I would see them on the stream that flowed, and I would see them on the forest that I pasted. I lingered on each one, trying to remember the sensation it gave me, and it's unique distinction from the rest. As I walked home, I looked up at a tree over head, and for the first time I wondered if it always had needled pines as leaves. One day, I walked by the gate, that the Watchers said were dangerous and to keep away from it, and I started to doubt whether what they said were true, if it really was dangerous. If it was, what was past the gate? Why did they need to lock it? As I returned home I stared at the thing on the wall where it first appeared, thinking about the lock and the gate, my eyes refocused on the wall and I suddenly remembered Jackson's remark of something on the wall. I turned around and saw that he was sitting at the dining table, and went to him and asked:" You see that, don't you? That thing?" His eyes widened and he exclaimed:" You see that too? I thought I was the only one" "What is it?" I questioned "I call them colors" He whispered with his eyes bright.

There is no imperfection in our society. Our society is kind, our society is fair, and our society is unified.

But our society is blind.

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