Five Card Story: The Rolling Red Box

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All my life I have been in the same place. Every day since my 5th birthday I have been forced into the learning centre. Though the gated archways, and into the learning house. From there, we must make our way to the correct room of learning where we sit in crammed seats. Each age has a different room. Starting at 0400, the day goes on until 2100. During the break, my friend #673 and I read about what is was like in the olden days. We are instructed to perform tasks each day. Some days, we must do paperwork; while others we must perform labour. On my 37th birthday, the routine was broken.

A strange thumping noise was coming from outside. No one had ever heard anything like it. We all looked up and saw something floating in the air. A booming voice came from it, but it was too muffled for me to make out its words. #673 told me it was called a helicopter. His father had been alive when the government took over. He says that the brain-wipe didn’t work on his father. The instructor told us to form a line out the door and walk. We were stopped by the gates. On the other side were huge red boxes coming towards us at extreme speeds. I heard the enforcers say something like “Where are we re-locating to?” I couldn’t believe they were moving us. The gates opened and we were going into these boxes. I looked up at the front of the box and saw a man with a cool hat. On the inside of the box there were boxes of small sheets of paper. There were shapes on it like ♠ and ♦. #673 said it was some sort of game. The box, which he called a truck, started to move. Then faster. And faster. After a while, the ‘truck’ came to an extreme stop.

Everyone went flying forward and I was in a little pain. The rear of the box opened, and everyone was led out by an unfamiliar face. He seemed like the leader. We were loaded in helicopters and taken on a long journey. Hours later, we arrived in a city. Just like the history books had described.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) hummingcrow (3) cogdogblog (4) Serenae (5) krutscjo

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