Five Card Story: Dystopia

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BOOM! What happened? I woke up in the darkness. All I remember is that I was taking a school bus to the school. Ouch… My head hurts, it looks like I was kidnapped by the bad people. I can go nowhere because the door is locked. I saw a boy that is beside me… He is about my age. He also didn’t know what happened. I started the conversation,” Hello… Do you know where we are?” “No idea… “ Said the boy. “ We might be kidnapped, we need to get out of here.” I said. “Let’s work together, my name is Mike.” Said the boy. “Alex.” I said. “Ok. First we need to find some clues to get out of here.” Said Mike. “ I found a video tape here.” I said in an anxiety voice. “ So lucky, I brought the Radio for school.” said Mike. “Let’s see what they want to tell us.” I said. We opened the radio and put the videotape inside. “…Hello…and welcome to Dystopia. From now on… you are going to be the slave here. Just like robots… If you don’t obey… die…” and then the videotape ends.

“Oh my God…”said Mike in a hopeless voice, “what should we do? They are going to kill us if we run away…””We must run. Do you want to be a slave for your whole life?” I said to Mike. “Of course not…”said Mike. Suddenly, two people came inside the jail. They look like robots. Their dress, shoes, hair… Everything is the same! Their paces are so orderliness that looks scary. “It is time to go…” said one of the people. “Their voices are like robots too.” Mike whispered. “Where?” I asked. They didn’t answered. Then they injected some kind of medicine to us.” Me and Mike were screaming and we fell asleep.

It’s so bright… I can’t see anything… After I adapted the environment, me and Mike were in a Factory. Everybody was dressing as same as the robots that we saw in the jail. They were mining the gold. They don’t even have any expressions. No pain, no furious, no smile, no nothing. “Hey, get up!!” A man that is about six feet tall shouted to us,” I am the manager of this factory, you need to mine 10 pounds of gold everyday or you will no longer to live in this world. “How…how are we going to do it?” asked Mike.” Didn’t you see, huh?” Then the manager slapped Mike in the face.” You idiot. Grab a shovel and start working.” We quickly grabbed the shovel and start digging because we don’t want to kill by the manager. “ I can’t live in this sort of place,” said Mike,” WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!” I answered,” I want to escape, too. But how? They must settle something that wouldn’t let us to escape.” While we wanted to give up, I suddenly stepped on something. And the underground passage showed up! “How did you do that?” asked Mike. “Maybe just because the God doesn’t want us to die.” I said in a confident voice.

We went into the passage. It is so dark that we can’t see anything. It is a maze to us. After hours, we finally found the exit. “ Oh, here is the exit!” shouted Mike. “Quick quick, otherwise they will catch us.” I said when I was running. It is only a few steps to the exit. When we stepped out, all the securities and the guardians were waiting for us.” So you think it is that easy to get out of here? “Said one of the securities. We can’t do anything. At this time, Mike gave a signal, he pointed at the gate and did some weird poses. What is that mean? We were running out of the time because the securities and the guardians were coming closer and closer. Me and Mike were counting inside the heart. 3…2…1…RUN! We used the fastest speed to run to the gate. Then he lifted his arms and told me,” go Alex. Get out of here and tell the government!” I stepped on his hands and skipped over the gate.” I promise I will save you later!” I almost cried. “Best wishes…” Mike whispered and he fainted.

If you want to use a word to describe how I feel now, it is EXHAUSTED. I was very thirsty and hungry when I got out of the factory because they didn’t give us any food for 3 days. I don’t know where I was. I was trying to find a town or a city to have some food. I walked about 3 hours and I almost pass out. Wait... What? I saw a town on the other side of the hill. I used my final strength to get into the town. I walked into a restaurant and tried to beg some food from the owner. The owner of the restaurant is a good person; he gave me a bowl of hot noodles. I ate them in 5 minutes. Then I said to the owner,” thank you for saving my life.” The owner smiled,” you are welcome. Where are you come from?”
I told what happened to the owner. “Oh, it is a evil tissue. They are called Dystopian.” “ Dystopian? I asked. “Yes, they control human’s heart. The people that work for them are dehumanized. They are even worse than animals.” “Do you know how to stop the tissue form controlling other people?” I asked again. The owner sighed,” the only way that you can stop them is to tell the government. They have the power to stop the tissue. But no one had succeeded because none of them have ever survived. You are the only one.” “I promise, I will save those dehumanized people and break the tissue! I also promised my friend that I would rescue him!” The owner gave me some money and some food. After I thanked the owner, I went towards the main city.

After a long travel, I finally got into the main city. The city is beautiful. It is full of high technology. I walked towards the government and the guards stopped me. “What are you doing here? It is not the place that you can play around,” said the guard in a serious voice. I answered,” No, I am not playing, I have something very important to say.” The guard laughed, “What? You? Tell me first before you tell the government.” I told the guard about dystopia and the evil tissue. “Oh my God, I don’t know anything about this. Let me contact the leader of the government,” said the guard. After about 15 minutes, the leader came down and talked to me. “Hello, kid. My name is David. I heard that you found an evil tissue? Is that real?” “Yes, it is, Mr. David. I still remembered the route that I came form the factory. You must save them!” I said. “But I can’t a hundred percent believe what you have just said. Because it is going to be a big project. “Said the leader. “Please, Mr. David. My friend is being locked inside. He must be painful now. If you don’t save him, he might die!” I cried. “Fine, you don’t look like you are lying. I will believe you,” said the leader. Then he told the guard to gather all the soldiers to here. After all, we started to go to the factory.
“This is the place that I have been closed, Mr. David. “ I said. “Ok. Captain, let all the soldiers to ready.” Said the leader. After 15 minutes, everything has been ready. Then the leader ordered the soldiers to fight with the tissue. After 2 hours, the soldiers finally break the tissue and saved Mike. The tissue surrendered. All the dehumanized people were rescued. Mike gave me a big hug and said,” I know you can do it.” “ I’m just lucky.” I answered. “Nice Job.” The leader gave me a salute. “My pleasure,” I saluted back.

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