Five Card Story: Escape

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As the heavy blue doors closed, we heard the unmistakeable sound of a lock being turned. We were trapped. We turned our heads and realized that we were in a big circular enclosed arena with walls made out of glass. Everything in the arena was gray or white, as if all of the colour was drained from this place. People known as the Choosers were staring at us from the outside making us feel like a pet being observed through a cage.

We were all wearing loose clothing, so that we could move around freely in this test of athleticism. We already had finished our first test, the one that tests your intelligence. Before, there were 20 of us. Now, there were 14. Nobody knew what they did with the 6 people missing, but I had a feeling that they won’t be going back to our village. There were many rules to our way of life in our country, but the two most important rules were that ignorance is bliss, and that perfection is order. This basically means that no citizen could do anything that they wanted, and that we all have to listen to the Choosers, who chose the 10 people that were “perfect”, and took them back into their villages.

The 14 of us were led by a Chooser that was placed inside the arena to an alleyway, and told to run from one end to another. After this test of speed, he took us to a spot close to the glass surrounding the arena, where we were ordered to break a wall with a sledgehammer. While I looked at the size of the hammer, and the distance that I had to take to get to the glass, an idea formed in my mind. As I grabbed the sledgehammer, I took a deep breath, and started to run.

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