Five Card Story: The Other Side

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There were rumours about the other side of the fence. Though they had left the harsh reality years ago, choosing to live, instead in the gated community they had created, the children still wondered and questioned. Some believed it was a world of magic, others, a world of monsters and death. Not many could recall living on the other side, that was why the rumours started. And when they began to swirl and whisper, it was hard to stop them.
Those who did remember would sit on their porch swings, knitting, smoking a cigar or some other mundane sport, and they would all look back and be glad that they had found safety, a new home. But they never shared why, never shared their reasons, the fear of life before driving them to keep the secret. Perhaps they were to blame for the what was to come.
Those who had never experienced life outside the linked barricade would spend their days talking, wishfully thinking, really, about what exactly was on the other side, and what dangers there led to the immediate evacuation. The view was romantic, honestly, the dreamers too young to comprehend the ramifications of the departure. It was that very wishful thinking that led to The Escape.
Because they were young. They were adventurous. And, when one's life has no problems, it makes sense to create some. They met late in the night in the back ally that stretched from the centre of town right to the fence. It was dark, secluded. They could slip away and be unnoticed. The fence, when reached, was guarded by a dog, angry, fierce and loyal. The leader of the group, possessing the gift of foresight, had brought along the bones from their most recent supper as a gift for the dog. The gift was accepted eagerly, and the climbing of the fence went off without a hitch.
There was a moment, brief, but weighted, wherein the group was suspended directly in the middle of the two worlds. One quick glance to the left. The dog, chewing happily and the world was silent, still. A warm breeze blew past, growing frigid as it flew from the left over to the right. Following the breeze, the gaze was directed past the fence and into the world of the unknown. The trees, they noticed excitedly, were a different colour! White powder clung loosely to the branches and coated the ground. Decrepit houses, unlived in for years were also seen distantly down the path, enticing the children to jump quickly from the top of the fence and onto the ground, cold, melty powder kicking up and settling slowly at their feet.
It was cold to the touch and the children swept out their feet in large arcs, carving through the ground cover as they swept their way to the houses at the end of the lane. Large arches opened into the entrance way of the house. The children stepped into the house, marveling at the architecture. It was like nothing they had ever seen! Then again, the houses where they were from generally appeared the same from the outside and inside as their neighbours. The young residents of the fenced-in community began to play, dancing and laughing, spinning, faster, faster, circles, circles. Tilting sideways, twisting back, the dizzy children, smiles etched into their faces, fell back, hitting the hard ground, eyes closed and silence.
Down the road, over the fence, and past the ally, in the houses of the children, bears were put on the Christmas trees this year.

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