Five Card Story: My two Different Lives

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My life used to be simple. I had a mom a dad a sister and a brother. We lived out somewhere in the country In Idaho. My parents were pig farmers and we were home schooled. After my school lessons I would bake all the sweets I could think of! Pies and cakes and tarts and cookies. One late day in the middle of fall my dad got offered a job in New York. he was offered a photography job in some company. My parents thought it would be a good opportunity for our family! So we left our small little town in Idaho and moved to the city that never sleeps! We moved into a small little apartment building in the city. I would be going to school for the first time in my life. It was the scariest thing I ever had to do but my parents were right! New York made me into the successful women I am today. I missed that pig farm in Idaho but I was so grateful that I had the experiences I did in New York!

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