Five Card Story: The Two Mimes

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There once was a hall in a very old building. In this building there are a lot of secrets about certain ways of life. These secrets are held in books. This building, however, is not open to the public or anyone other than 13 very specialized minds that spend their days pouring over the books in the building.

One day, some mimes were looking for a place to perform their miming bubble blowing act. They found the grand building and thought that it would be filled with people, eager to find a good act. When they finally got the door open, they were surprised to see all of the books that lined the walls. They figured that this was some sort of library.
As they were looking around for someone to help them, (because they were trying to find their favourite novels), they found a book called All the Secrets You Ever Wanted to Know about Mimes. They cracked open the dusty book, and started reading when one of the 13 specialized minds, named Peter Einstein, found them sitting on an armchair reading the book.

He was so surprised when he saw their painted faces and crazy get-ups that he fainted before he could raise an alarm. The mimes, of course, rushed over to help him and make sure that he was still alive and didn’t have a heart attack or something. But by this time the mimes had figured out that this was no regular library, and this was no regular book on mimes. So, when he didn’t come to, they went back to reading.

The book told them the most wonderful secrets to become the perfect mime, all the right technique, facial expressions and such. They were so surprised to find that their bubble blowing act was all wrong, that they swore that the book was completely wrong, and was just some sort of prank.
They continued to search the building, to try and find someone to tell them about Peter and how he had fainted.

When they reached the place where all of the 13 normally studied, the mimes told them about Peter, but the 13 were not happy. They were just wondering how they got into the building in the first place, and explained that this building held every secret that anyone ever wanted to know. The 13 told the mimes to never tell anyone about this building and its secrets.

These two mimes quickly became famous after leaving. They gained popularity, and eventually found more mimes. These mimes were athletic, flexible and great actors, and after the original mimes told them the secrets, they dumped the originals and formed a group called the Cirque de Soleil. The Cirque de Soleil is still famous today and quickly gained more and more popularity and mimes as they went along. But they owe it all to the two original mimes.

So, if you ever find two mimes roaming the streets and think to yourself: “Wow, those mimes are almost believable!” remember this story, because you never know, they may just be the two mimes who know everything about mimes, and how to do a perfect bubble blowing act.

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flickr photo credits: (1) krutscjo (2) Serenae (3) cogdogblog (4) bionicteaching (5) Serenae

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