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I wake right in front of a clock, I am not able to move but the clock ticks. I watch it as it spins it seems to get slower and slower as every second passes. I sit still until I slowly lose consciousness.

I wake up in a panic, my heart pounding as my eyes open. I can see a gecko beside me it seems to be the same size as me. It lets out a cry which sends my adrenaline blasting sky high. Its cries are so consistent that they’ve set in like a background noise.

I begin to see a pool of blood form underneath the gecko. then notice the creature being taken by a giant eagle. It soon drops it then turns around to take it. With its last try at grabbing the small lizard. As it slowly disappears out of view I can still see blood dripping down off its tail.

After slipping into a long sleep I wake up with a very ugly looking woman beside me. She sits long and I can feel her eyes staring into my soul. I suddenly remembered everything about who I was. My family my friends and everything.

I wake up in pain on the ground as my friend Ahmad stand shooting beside me. The constant sound of gunfire reminded me of the never ending sound of the clock ticking. Suddenly Ahmad is shot and falls to his knees in pain. He is shot again and falls to the ground. He looks to me as I watch him die just as if he was the gecko. Then I hear the running beside my head as the American soldiers run by us. They were the eagle. Then I didn’t wake up ever again.

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