Five Card Story: Worst Day Ever

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I woke up this morning starting it off like any other average day. I fixed my self a bowl of fruitloops, popped a chai tea disc in the tassimo machine and then just the other normal things I would do in my routine. Since I got up about twenty minutes early I figured that I would have time to squeeze in a quick nap. So I did. Unfortunately I forgot to set the alarm clock beside my bed and did not wake up for over 2 hour after I was supposed to have been in at work. When I realised how long I had slept quickly got dressed as quick as I possibly could, grabbed my phone, my keys and headed out the door. As I was locking up I was checking my phone which had 6 unread text messages and 3 voice-mails. I did not know whether I would be fired or not or how much trouble I would be in with my boss. I had only been at this job for a few months and it was the best job I had so far.

When I got into work at the museum where I worked all my co-workers stared at me as I walked through the door ways and they were all doing their jobs. When I got to my bosses office I tried to explain to her why I was so late and how it will never happen again but she did not buy it and looked absolutely furious with me. I spent about a half an hour in there listening to her express here anger by yelling at me. When she had finally calmed down a bit she explained how she might have possibly over reacted pass the extend that she needed to and gave me a warning which was that she was not going to be firing me today but that if anything of this matter ever happened again that she would because she could not have people thinking that they could just get away by not showing up to work for no reason. That was obviously something she was really strict about and she obviously did not tolerate it under any circumstances!

After leaving her office I was headed up onto the gross, rusty, old, dirty roof to clean it. It was horrible with all the bird poop, dust, garbage etc. and the worst thing was is that it was my punishment for the next three whole weeks. If that wasn't bad enough I had to get out the ladder and all the tools to clean and scrape off that gunk off which happened to be across the lot in the huge shed. Once I got there, got all the items on the list and closed up, I had to walk all the way back(and did I forget to mention that it was a 15 minute walk each way in the hot sun.) Finally once I got up there it was time to get to work and I was so tired that it had already felt like I had been working for hours. I was only out there for less then an hour and I was sweating from the blazing sun shining right down on me, it was blinding. No wonder no one wants to clean this cruddy roof.

Finally after work was done and I was there even later then usual since staying late an extra hour and forty-five minutes was also part of the punishment I got I remembered I had to go to a family supper a my grandparents house. This sucked because when they have family get togethers it always involves the whole extended family too. All my annoying younger cousins come and all my aunts and uncles who always want to socialise and frankly I am just not even close to being in the mood for that today. I knew that my parents would be angry if I did not drop by for at least a few minutes so I dropped in at my grandparents house and sure enough almost their whole driveway was filled my family's cars. I got inside and everyone crowded around me just like they have never seen me before. I told them I was busy and tired from work so I was just dropping in to say a quick little "hello." I got out of there as soon as I could and bolted for home.

When I got there I was so tired that I felt like I could just collapse on the living room floor. So I put my stuff down and placed it in my room and changed into some warm pj's which did not reek of bird poop. It was only quarter after seven but I was so tired that I did not care one bit and got ready for bed. Afterall I would have to go through the same long tiring day tomorrow. After laying down it was a matter of minutes before I fell asleep and before I knew it my alarm clock rang and it was the morning once again!

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