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It was a cold snowy day. Me and my dad were going christmas shopping, we both got in the car. When my dad went to start the car it wouldn't start. So he told me to go to the garage and get the tools. I went inside the garage and pressed the button to open the main door. when I pressed the button the door started to open, but half way through the door jammed and fell off. Dad was pretty mad. So we went on the computer and searched up garage door repair. But my dad dropped the computer and it broke. So we went to the store. while walking to the store we saw some cute animals and then my dad bought me a coffie when we found out the computer store was closed. We had the funnest day ever>

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flickr photo credits: (1) lnboz (2) @DrGarcia (3) DavidDMuir (4) Serenae (5) shareski

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