Five Card Story: The Trip of a Life Time!

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The leaves on the trees blow gracefully as we drive up, down, left, and right stopping at stores on the way to our week away vacation! Not sure where we are going, its supposed to be a surprise. Once we reach our destination, it is really dark outside!!! My parents point out to me where our hotel room is! It is the most beautiful place I have ever seen!!!!!!!! The pool lights up with a blue shimmery look to it! It is too late to admire anymore of this place but I know it is a gorgeous place! The next day my family and I went on a little hike in the woods! The weather was amazing, the slightest breeze would come and cool us of but the sun shone, through the trees high above us. We found some interesting rocks, flowers, leaves and more! The cool plants blew back and forth every once in a while when the breeze hit us. It was our last day at this amazing place! But sadly it was a really wet and rainy day! We couldn't go outside at all! It was damp but really humid! It was drying up when we were packing up to go home! We were getting in the car when a beautiful rainbow shone in the sky! The sun peaked out of the dark clouds letting the rainbow have a gorgeous glow to it! What a way to end our amazing vacation, a rainbow ends it off! It was the trip of a life time!!!

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