Five Card Story: What is a Heo?

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What is a hero? Well its hard to define a 'hero' because to children its like Spider man, Batman, and Iron man, and then there is hero's that save your life. Then there is those people who would do anything to help you out, and volunteer their whole life just to make others lives better. Well any of those 3 kinds of hero's can all be considered a hero but for Andrew he is the third type of hero. Andrew is always helping others out, he doesn't even have a real job he just volunteers his life for others. He gives the greatest speeches leaving people in tears or changing their lives forever.He has helped out many people going through tough times like people in the army or navy. He just has a way with people he can help them fix their own problems and think of their lives from a completely different perspective. Nature!!! It is almost like he can speak through nature, or their is something about the mountain side that he is even more helpful. You see he does this thing called 'the hike of a lifetime' because they discuss the issue's in their lives and Andrew then gets them to write it down. So after everyone writes it down they lite it on fire and throw it off the mountain side. Andrew helps kids, he helps adults, he helps older people, he helps the dying,he helps the rich, he helps anyone in return for nothing. He sometimes goes to school's and helps people who are getting bullied, or kids who are getting into the wrong things. So if you aren't sure what a bully is well Andrew is a great example. He may not be Bat man or Spider man, but he has saved peoples lives. He has saved people from committing suicide from their depression, he has saved teenagers lives from getting into the wrong group of people, and he has changed the lives of the people in that group of people. Overall Andrew is a Hero to me and to many people. Little differences like Andrew are the difference, and you can be the difference too.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) Serenae (4) bionicteaching (5) bionicteaching

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