Five Card Story: Empty Drainpipe

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a Five Card Flickr story by Cynthia E. Watkins created Nov 27 2013, 06:34:22 pm. Create a new one!

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Lydia scuffed her old brown Sketcher toe on the edge of an old drainpipe. That seemed to be the theme word here-"old." Flashes of pictures ran through her mind. The vet saying, "Your dog is OLDer than normal dogs of his size," her parent's faces looking OLDer and more worn-out with each other with each passing day. Lydia used to literally be able to count the gray hairs on her mother's head; now they were multiplying because every night, she, Ms. Cairn, had a screaming match with Lydia's father, Mr. Cock. Her parents didn't even have the same last name anymore. After her parents' divorce, Mrs. Cock had turned herself back into Ms. Cairn, her maiden name.

But they were still battling out housing and custody, which made poor Lydia feel like an empty, black lake, unwanted in the setting winter sun.

It also made her wish she didn't HAVE parents at all. And that she had her dog, Scruffy, back.

Lydia cried herself to sleep that night, by the empty drainpipe, when suddenly she felt something nudging her awake. She expected it to be her mother, having exhausted the police and fire department already and ending up here with a stroke of luck. "Go away," she mumbled, pushing the thing away. But then she realized it was cold and wet, and fear coursed through her. A dragon, an evil spirit, a--a dog. A dirty little fluffy thing, pleading brown eyes piercing right through her. Its eyes melted her heart right through, and the dog led her back home, where she curled up in her own bed, the dog not far behind her. As she drifted off to sleep, fights forgotten, dead dogs forgotten, she thought drowsily, "there's no place like home."

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