Five Card Story: Night To Remember

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(All Characters Belong To J. M. Barrie)
Never Forgetting
Wendy Darling was getting ready for her big day, her eighteenth birthday party. The day she was dreading since she was twelve. Now, twelve was a very special age for Wendy. It was the age she went on a marvelous adventure involving mermaids, Indians, and the worst of all, PIRATES! She stared out at the window just waiting for something, anything, to happen.
For weeks now she's been dreaming of the same strange boy who seemed to be flying, but with no wings. She thought about his medium blonde hair, and about how familiar he looked. Tomorrow would be her "Special Day" as her mother and father called it. She thought about going for a walk, just to clear her mind.
After the walk she came in through the door trying not to wake her parents. She looked around the living room

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