Five Card Story: Escape

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After walking and running away from the city, to get away from all those city fantasies with the thought that whether anyone would chase behind me, whether anyone would remember me when i am gone, whether if anyone would notice my absence. Life is like that, once you are gone, nobody would notice or care about you. Maybe you are not brave enough to admit this fact yourself, but it is the truth that you cannot deny. Trying to push that stupid thought away, and keep telling myself to focus on what I am doing right now but I can't help myself. Searching my eyes around to have a laid back for my tiring body, but showing in front of me is this beautiful door gate circling by vines that cover the sun perfectly. Ah, this is the best place to rest! I planned to rest for an hour or two. However, I cannot help myself to just sit there and not discover this place while I don't have much time left. Right, I don’t. Let's make the time as efficient as possible. Despite my almost dead body from fatigue, I still attempted to discover this place. Behind this fascinating door, I found myself walking toward the mysterious thing that is hiding behind it.

'til I reach the dead end. ''This is it, this is the right time.'' I am telling myself. I looked down and the steepness surprise me. Wow, I didn't know the abyss could be this steep and dangerous in movies. In five more minutes, I would be down there, plain dead and nobody would still remember me. I mean this is life. They only care about their life, and if they care about you, it is only because they want to use you, to invest in you. That's it. Flashbacks start to rush through my head. All the fun times I had with my family, the city I used to be in love with, etc...

I questioned myself, why do I have to commit suicide where the world is still moving, people are still enjoying life. Why do I have to be like this instead of being happy and treasure the life that God gave me. And why do I have to care if other people care about me or not, because as long as I love and can take care of myself, it is good enough. As at the end of the day, you gotta save yourself, nobody will come and save you because they are busy saving themselves already. Then I looked at the flower, and it makes me feel happy so I decided not to commit suicide anymore.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) Serenae (3) Serenae (4) Serenae (5) Serenae

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