Five Card Story: The Missio

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The plan was to go by boat to the jetty, through the rough seas, get to the building, get the enemy intelligence then get to the extraction point and get back to base. But Jason knew that things usually weren’t so easy and didn’t go according to plan. However, he was one of the most well trained agents and had gone through many missions that were heavily compromised and come out alive and successful. He was ready for the worst.
The journey to the jetty was slow. The seas were rougher than most thought. He knew that it would delay him by quite a bit. He hoped that he still would make the timeline. He reached the jetty 10 minutes later than his supervisors would have liked. He had to get to the building fast. He ran. It would only take him 5 minutes.
The security looked quite heavy. It wouldn’t be a good time to go in loud. Just act natural, he told himself. He got into the elevator and went up to the top floor. He knew the basic security plan. He also had his silenced pistol with him. He sneaked past the first two guards and then past the rest. He was so close. There were 3 guards guarding the intelligence. This would take some good shooting. But he wasn’t called the best for nothing.
He shot all of them in the head, making as little sound as he could. There was no time to hide the bodies. It wouldn’t be long before they discovered them. So he took the intel and started to make his way out. However, he got a message from a supervisor. “Jason, you don’t have time, there are about 15 more guards making their way up. They have identified you. The helicopter will be outside the window. You will have to jump.’’ The guards had arrived and they started chasing him. He saw the chopper and started to run. He shot the glass and it shattered. He dropped a grenade. And jumped. He was successful. The grenade blew and he was done with the mission.

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flickr photo credits: (1) cogdogblog (2) Serenae (3) Intrepidteacher (4) jentropy (5) krutscjo

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