Five Card Story: Jewel Thief

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Hanging out on a beach in Maui, sipping pina coladas, just chilling after my last heist:The big one. I am the best jewel thief of the twentieth century having knocked over the Louvre, the Smithsonian, and countless swiss banks, but jewels are my specialty. One Time I was almost caught; a job in Brussles, I had just robbed their second largest bank making out with two hundred million in unmarked bills. I was careless and forgot to make sure the bank teller didn't move. I was hypnotized by the money, and while I wasn't looking he must have hit the silent alarm. As soon as I herd the sirens I was gone. They chased me across most of Europe untill I came across my private yatch and fled back to America. That expierience is what made me a jewel man, less variables you see. People talk, but the nice tranquility of a silent museum that helps me concentrate. I thought I had done my last Big job but I guess you never really leave the thieving buisness. It always becons you back for more. That casino called my name. It was an inside job that took no more than ten minutes tops. But what I didn't count on was how much stiffer the security was in casinos than a museum. They were on to me in a heartbeat. By a lucky chance I made a get away but those cameras caught my image and a manhunt ensued. I moved to Hawaii, changed my name, and my appereance. So here I am.

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